We started off with a little flock of three ewes and their three ewe lambs. The three ewes came originally from the Gaerllwyd flock; in addition their lambs had Bryser flock ancestry. The breeder had already put one of the ewes to his ram that autumn, and in the spring of 2013 this ewe gave us our first lamb, a ram, Tobermory (pictured below, with his mum, Beattie), who became one of our elder breeding rams, along with another, Kirkland, who came from the Glaisdale flock.

Beattie and Tobermory

Now, in autumn 2019, our flock numbers 15 – one ram aged 10, one wether, three ram lambs, seven ewes and three ewe lambs – all ranging in age from those born in 2009 to 2019. They are all registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. This year, 2019, we have had four ram lambs and three ewe lambs.

We like them for their strong and intelligent personalities, their self-sufficiency and even their innate distrust of human beings. As soon as two humans appear, they suspect that an attempt will be made to round them up – of which they take a dim view. Just one human can be tolerated, as this probably means extra rations.

There is nothing better than seeing Boreray lambs a few weeks old jumping on and off three-foot high tree trunks, just like little children playing chase. They can certainly jump – anything less than a three-foot fence is no problem for a determined young Boreray running at speed!

The Battle Meadow Borerays