Each summer we usually have sheep for sale. For more details, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. although this spring (2020) we now have only two shearling rams for sale: Adrian and Allan. We have decided to keep Albert and have sold Archie to a well-known local breeder in West Berkshire.

In the last few years, one of our ewes, Thora, went to a new flock starting in Powys, and Titus + two of the ewes went to an established flock in Sussex. Tomsk and Theo (rams born spring 2014) went to the RBST Traditional Native Breeds Annual Show and Sale at Melton Mowbray in September 2015. Much to our surprise and delight, in the Borerays rams class Tomsk won 3rd prize and Theo won 1st prize, as well as Reserve Champion, out of all the Borerays there. Both were then sold in the auction ring, and Tomsk went to an established flock in Caithness, in the far north of Scotland, and Theo went to a new flock being created in Gloucestershire.

In 2016, Ludo went to a new flock in West Oxfordshire, Louis to a new flock in Leicestershire, and Leo had the longest journey – to an established flock in Perth, Scotland. In November 2016, Emma and Elizabeth, both born April 2016, went to an established flock in Monmouthshire in exchange for Wenallt Flora and Fantasia.

In 2017, Elvis (born 2016) went to a new flock near York. The ewe lambs Meg and May moved together to Gloucestershire. At the same time we acquired three Backforest ewes.

in 2018, the six lambs born all went to three new Boreray flocks very local to us. Eric, the only ram lamb, went a few miles along the Thames, and the five ewe lambs (twins Ella and Esme; Etta, Edith and Ernestine) went across the river to two flocks in Berkshire. Morris (born 2017) went to a new flock in Derbyshire.

In 2019, Margaux and Minnie have gone to a new Boreray flock in south Wales, where they have met up with Thora (see above) who has now moved from mid to south Wales along with one of her lambs, Beatrice.



Boreray Sheep in the shade